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Alpha Pool Contractor was founded in 2015. It started as a small company with only USD30,000 in capital, 2 office staff, and 9 construction workers.

Tropical weather is truly delightful! The hot and humid weather in Singapore leads many of us to enjoy swimming activities. Not only does it cool the body, but this activity also helps maintain physical and mental health while allowing us to spend quality time with loved ones.

Thus, the average number of swimming pool constructions per month gradually increased, projects that we are undertaking include public swimming pool, container pool, above ground commercial and leisure pool, water features, spa and jacuzzi pool. This entails higher inventory levels of equipment and materials to satisfy the necessities of the clients and purchasers.

We strive for continuous improvement and excellence in the products and services we provide. We find ways to advance our systems and operations to keep us relevant to our customers. Presently, the company is in the process of acquiring office equipment with the intention of digitizing and upgrading the records.

Alpha Pool Contractor constantly seeks to uphold its values of quality service and efficiency in every aspect of swimming pool design, construction, installation, preservation, and refurbishments, to ultimately provide peace of mind to our clients.

If you are thinking of building a fiberglass swimming pool, indoor heated pool or water features at your backyard, then you come to the right place.

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Pool Service & Maintenance

For swimming pool maintenance and servicing, it is involved water quality, equipment and other ancillary equipment. We will take into account the issues that the swimming pool should pay attention to during long-term use.

We ensure that your pool will have a longer service life and are easy to maintain, making the water clear and safe.

Swimming Pool Design Service Singapore

Pool Design & Construction

Swimming pool is a place where people often use and relax. According to its usage, it can be divided into competition pool, training pool, diving pool and children swimming pool.

The design of the swimming pool should also comply with the relevant national regulations, and it must include a complete circulating water purification treatment process to meet the water quality sanitation standards in Singapore.

Pool Maintenance Cost Singapore

Water Features Service

We provide professional water features, fountain and landscape design. Our project include villa garden rockery landscape design, private villa courtyard water features construction.

I just engaged AlphaPool to build my shipping container pool. Reasonable price and fast delivery. Just need small modifications of my original design. Love it very much.

Peter Kwong

Business Owner

I have a small space on my backyard. I want to have a pool for my kids. AlphaPool recommended to build Swim Jet exercise pool with current. It is really nice and fit my budget. Easy to maintain and clean as well.
Simon Beh

Business Owner

swimming pool contractor singapore

Top 5 Frequent Ask Question


How should a pool be maintained on a regular basis?

Swimming pool equipment is the critical part of the normal operation of the swimming pool. To ensure the safety and normal operation of pool equipment, weekly maintenance are required. This includes removing debris, sweeping and vacuuming, and checking the water level, filter, skimmer, heater, and chlorinator.

In addition to pool maintenance, regular inspections can help identify any potential issues early on. For example, if the water is green or looks cloudy, that could be an indicator of a problem with the filter.

Water pumps and hair traps

  • The working pump and the backup pump of the circulating water should run alternately and serve as backup for each other.
  • Check the operation of the pump daily.
  • Daily routine check and records should include following items: a. Water pump noise; b. Current, voltage and motor temperature rise;
  • If the flow rate of the pump is much lower than the design flow rate, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
  • The water pump must not run idling when there is no water.
  • The hair collector should be checked frequently and cleaned of dirt to allow water to flow through.


  • The filter system should be running continuously for 24 hours.
  • The backwash should be done weekly, and backwashing should provide adequate rinsing intensity and water pressure.
  • Typically, your pool should be undergoing a thorough backwashing at least once every seven days in conjunction with regular pool maintenance.
How frequently must a pool be maintained?

Maintaining a swimming pool is important to keep it in top condition and ensure its safety for those who use it. Swimming club owners and homeowners should keep their pools clean and clear of debris at least once a week, while public pools should be checked every other day.

Does a pool need chlorination every day?

To ensure the sanitizing level of your pool remains within optimal limits ( typically between 1 – 3 ppm), we recommend a periodic chlorine shock between weekly and twice-weekly. When hot temps or increased usage become factors, you could certainly benefit from staggering your chlorination schedule.

What is the cost of maintaining a swimming pool in Singapore?

In general, the maintenance fees will cost between $250 and $1,500 per month, it really depending on the size of the swimming pool and how often it is maintained; normally vendor will come to service the pool every week.

How much does it cost to install a customized swimming pool in Singapore?

Typically, the cost of constructing a customized swimming pool can range from $30,000 to  $110,000 (e.g. fiberglass pool, shipping container pool, indoor heated pool, cement concrete pool, modular pool) or more.

Cost of building an in-ground concrete pool will be even higher ( up to $150,000 ). It may take up to 90 days to complete. Some of the work and scope include:

  1. Excavation & depose soil,
  2. compact pool base hard core,
  3. Laying of rebar and concrete casting,
  4. Casting concrete for wall and piping works,
  5. Dismantle formwork,
  6. Applying waterproofing and installation pump room,
  7. Laying tiles and pointing,
  8. Finishing work commissioning




You may refer to NEA guidelines if you wish to build a swimming pool.